Legal Services for Foreigners

Legal Services for Foreigners

Maja Gidian – Lawyer

We are proud that services rendered by our Law Firm are taken advantage of by foreigners – from The United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Georgia, and Ukraine. We help our foreign clients to deal with business and administrative matters as well as with civil, family and criminal law cases. We explain all complexities of the Polish law and we assist the clients in negotiations with Polish and foreign customers. We speak English, French and Italian.

Legalisation of stay in Poland

  • permanent residence card
  • settlement permit
  • Polish citizenship
  • work permit
  • Polish Charter

Family law:

  • mediations/negotiations with child’s mother and father
  • cases of child abduction (The Hague Convention)
  • divorce
  • maintenance/alimony
  • fixing contacts with the child
  • fixing the child’s place of residence
  • foreign adoption of children from Poland

Criminal law:

  • defence of foreigners in criminal cases
  • representation of the aggrieved foreigners in criminal proceedings
  • assistance in interrogation at the police/prosecutor’s office
  • arrest warrant

Civil law and administrative law:

  • obtaining documents from Polish registers, courts, authorities, land and mortgage registers
  • fixing formalities with Polish authorities and in courts
  • help with translation of foreign documents into Polish
  • conducting negotiations with customers/debtors/creditors in Poland
  • representation of foreigners in court disputes and administrative proceedings pending in Polish courts and institutions
  • representation of foreigners in cases referring to property situated in Poland (apartments, houses, lands)
  • participation in Polish probate/succession proceedings (inheritance of property in Poland/partition of the estate)

Enforcement proceedings:

  • payment of outstanding remuneration
  • representation of foreigners in enforcement matters before Polish court bailiffs
  • discontinuation/suspension of enforcement proceedings
  • identification of debtor’s’ property in Poland