Price list

Price list

Maja Gidian – Lawyer

Remuneration for taking on the case

In each case, the price for the service is determined individually based on the type, complexity, and number of actions required.

We sign a legal services agreement with clients in both Polish and English versions. The client can sign the agreement remotely and does not need to meet with us in person.

We are open to online meetings and exchanging all information via messengers and email.

Sample price list

Type of case Price
1 hour legal consultation in English at the law firm in Gdynia 450,00 PLN
1 hour legal consultation at the Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk 600,00 PLN
Divorce case without fault determination from 6.000 PLN
Divorce case with fault determination from 10.000 PLN
Child support case from 6.000 PLN
Limitation/deprivation of parental authority case Child custody case from 10.000 PLN
Sprawa o kontakty z dzieckiem from 6.000 PLN
Negotiations with debtor/opposing party from 450,00 PLN/h
Criminal case – defense of the accused from 10.000 PLN
Criminal case – representation of the victim from 10.000 PLN
Administrative case from 6.000 PLN
Immigration law proceedings from 5.000 PLN

The prices listed are subject to a 23% VAT tax
In the case of cooperation with foreign entrepreneurs who are VAT taxpayers in their country of residence, the reverse charge procedure applies