Criminal law

Criminal law

English-speaking criminal lawyer Maja Gidian

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Navigating the complexities of the Polish criminal justice system can be daunting, especially for non-native speakers of the language. It’s important to note that the majority of Polish police officers do not speak English fluently. Therefore, having a competent legal representative who can communicate effectively on your behalf is crucial.

At Maja Gidian Law Office we understand the challenges that foreign nationals face when dealing with criminal charges in Poland. Our team of experienced attorneys is proficient in both English and Polish, ensuring clear communication and comprehensive representation for our international clients.
We are committed to keeping you informed and empowered every step of the way. From explaining legal procedures to advocating for your rights in court, we will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Here are examples of criminal cases handled by our firm

  • Defense Against Criminal Charges – Representing individuals accused of crimes such as assault, theft, burglary, drug offenses, DUI/DWI, or other misdemeanors and felonies, advocating for their rights and defending them in court.
  • Juvenile Delinquency Defense – Providing legal representation for minors facing charges in juvenile court, including offenses such as underage drinking, drug possession, vandalism, or other juvenile offenses.
  • White-Collar Crime Defense – Defending clients accused of financial crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, insider trading, or other white-collar offenses, conducting thorough investigations and building strong defense strategies.
  • Domestic Violence Defense – Advocating for individuals charged with domestic violence offenses, including assault, battery, stalking, or violation of protective orders, protecting their rights and exploring options for defense or mitigation.
  • Expungement and Record Sealing – Assisting individuals in clearing their criminal records through expungement or record sealing, helping them move forward with their lives and pursue opportunities without the stigma of past convictions

  • Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief – Representing clients in appealing wrongful convictions or seeking post-conviction relief through motions for new trials, habeas corpus petitions, or other legal avenues to challenge unjust outcomes.
  • Extradition Proceedings – We have extensive experience representing clients subject to European Arrest Warrants issued by other EU member states. Whether you are facing extradition from Poland to another country or seeking to contest an extradition request, our team of skilled attorneys is here to provide you with diligent legal representation every step of the way.
  • Cross-Border Criminal Defense – Our firm has successfully defended individuals accused of crimes in Poland but prosecuted in other jurisdictions. We understand the complexities involved in cross-border criminal proceedings and are committed to protecting the rights of our clients throughout the legal process.
  • Enforcement of Foreign Judgments – If you have been convicted of a crime in another country and are required to serve a sentence in Poland, our firm can assist you in navigating the process of enforcing foreign judgments.